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Let us be your car insurance agent of choice. We give you affordable auto insurance rates and discounts, plus maximum benefits and unmatched service at Bill Joe Murphy Insurance Services
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We want to be your car insurance agent of choice. We offer affordable auto insurance rates and discounts, plus maximum benefits and unmatched service at Bill Joe Murphy Insurance Services.

Our insurance agents want to make sure that your auto insurance policy fits your exact needs. From work trucks to classic cars, from minivans to Maybachs. We can provide an insurance policy that actually protects any car.

Typical auto insurance quotes include the following coverage types:

collision coverage
insures the owner from loss during a collision with another vehicle.
comprehensive car insurance
protection from damage caused by things other than vehicle collision.
Other coverage can be added for specific vehicle needs like: antique automobiles, classic cars, high performance cars, and more.
auto insurance
auto insurance
auto insurance
If you are in need of affordable or low cost auto insurance contact us by using our simple auto insurance quote form or call our office. One of our local insurance professionals will be happy to explain your coverage options and give you a free auto quote today.

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We Insure Uber and Lyft Drivers
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SR22 Insurance | Bill Joe Murphy Insurance Services

Getting a DUI or DWI can be one of the most traumatic events in your life. Once your driving privileges have been suspended by the DMV or the court there isn't a lot of direction or instruction by anyone how to reinstate your driver's license. It can feel like a catch-22 where you can't get your license without an SR-22, but you can't get insurance (and an SR-22) without getting your license. We take the mystery out of getting your license reinstated by giving you as much information about SR filings. We offer a guide for getting your license back as quickly and inexpensively as possible.
By the time most people search for an SR-22 they have already been to court, to their DMV hearings or both. The DMV usually orders everyone that has been charged with a DUI to get an SR-22. Sometimes the DMV orders unlucky drivers to get an SR-22 when they become a “negligent operator”, by accumulating too many violations or accidents within a certain period of time.

What is an SR22 Insurance?

An SR22 is simply a filing that your auto insurance company files with the DMV that lets them know you carry an active auto insurance policy. It's required when the DMV decides to allow a person driving privileges only if they carry valid auto insurance. An SR22 filing allows the DMV to keep track of your auto insurance as the insurance companies are required to notify the DMV anytime your coverage becomes inactive. Usually, the DMV will require an SR22 insurance policy to be carried for a term of 3 years, if at any time during these 3 years your SR22 gets cancelled, the DMV will suspend your license pending proof of an active SR22 policy as well as another reinstatement fee.

Reasons a SR22 may be required

Drivers require proof of insurance filing form SR 22 mainly after being booked for a DUI or being involved in an accident without proper liability insurance. SR22 filing is mandatory in most states to reinstate your license after being suspended for any of the above reasons. The SR22 form is issued by your insurance company and is filed with the DMV allowing driving privileges to be reinstated given that all other DMV requirements have been met. In DUI cases, the DMV will likely require enrollment or completion of a DUI course in addition to an SR22.

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A collectible automobile is the result of a number of factors – hard work, painstaking body work, parts procurement, and precision mechanical work. In many regards, the value of a collectible car is immeasurable. How can you put a premium on all the hours of work that went into restoring and refinishing a classic car? At Bill J Murphy Insurance Services, we understand our classic car insurance may not be able to replace the time you invested, but we can certainly reimburse you for its value.

In addition to exceptional liability, Our Classic Car Auto Insurance coverage can provide you with the following services:
  • 24 Hour Towing
  • 24 Hour Policy Access
  • Extended liability (for car shows and showcases)

Contact Bill J Murphy Insurance Services today and one of our skilled agents will be happy to explain our Classic Car Insurance in more detail.

As one of the area's most trusted insurance agencies, Bill J Murphy Insurance Services is committed to serving all of customers diverse insurance needs. We strive to provide our customers with the highest quality coverage/protection they need and deserve.

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Bill J Murphy Insurance Services wants to be here for you to meet all of your insurance needs. Our extensive experience has enabled our dedicated agents to manage multiple policy lines all while saving you valuable time and money.

Remember, we are licensed in most western states (CA, WA, OR, NV, AZ, KS and Texas) so we can help you! One of our dedicated independent agents will always be happy to serve you! With the wonders of modern technology on our side, we can easily help you no matter where you live. Contact Bill Joe Murphy Insurance Services to discover your best insurance options today!